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Reap the benefits of deploying the Open CA (OCA) Softswitch product suite.

Flexible and seamlessly scalable configuration of the OCA Class 4 platform lets Next Generation Networks build a complete, high performance, converged voice, data, and multi-media solution.


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 Carrier-grade Scalability

Why move from circuit switching to IP Networks? 

Solution Architect for Next Generation Networks - since 2003

OpenCA (OCA) Softswitch is enabling carriers and ISPs world-wide to realise the economic benefits of network convergence – voice and data, fixed and mobile.

A 'true softswitch' - OpenCA is a versatile, flexible software-based product that manages the signaling for voice calls over a packet data network - traditionally performed by large Tandem/Transit or Class switches. This data transmission is usually via Internet Protocol (IP), typically referred to as Voice over IP (VoIP), or Packet Telephony.


Less expensive, more flexible alternative to legacy circuit-switching

OCA (OpenCallAgent) uses Signaling System 7 (SS7) and Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP), among others, to bridge the gap between legacy circuit-switched networks and newer networks based on IP. In a packet data network, a single softswitch can replace many Class 4 switches or layers of switches, saving millions of dollars on port costs and operational expenses.

Our existing customers, either circuit switched or IP network providers, have reaped the benefits with fast deployment of the OCA product suite. And so can you.

Limit investment in expensive and purpose-built switched-circuit networks. Instead, capitalise on the benefits of an integrated, multi-purpose network that provides quality support for all existing services and becomes the platform for delivery of a new generation of exciting voice, data, and multi-media services.




Move from circuit switching

OCA Softswitch Solution Network

How it works


International standard Class 4 capability

Since it was first released in 2003, OpenCA Softswitch has delivered solid and proven technology.

OCA Softswitch is compatible with existing circuit-switched and VoIP network infrastructure, as well as operator and end-user requirements, preserving and enhancing existing user and network functionality. From a powerful and robust core, OCA SoftSwitch offers carrier grade class 4 operations through VoIP protocols H323/SIP, or interconnection through dominant industry standards for IP and signaling protocols such as ISUP, SIGTRAN, SS7 and MGCP.

OCA Modular “add-on” capabilities also deliver basic class 5 operations through an embedded SIP registration and subscriber database.


AudioCodes Mediant™ media gateway integration

Further flexibility is achieved through the integration of OpenCA with industry recognized AudioCodes* Mediant™ media gateway. This industry relationship unites products to create an “all in one” configured unit, addressing up to 480 PSTN calls (Class 4) with SIP subscribers (Class 5). The combined OCA and AudioCodes solution provides a compact and cost effective pathway for service providers to commence their transition towards Next Generation communications.

Carrier-grade Softswitch


OpenCA Softswitch is designed for carrier-grade reliability. It is configured in a redundant, dual on-line, hot-standby architecture – no calls are lost due to the failure of any single component. OCA's sophisticated mechanism effectively deals with overload and congestion, such as call gapping.

Flexible Softswitch Solution

Flexible & Future proof

With the fast evolution of the telecommunications industry, it is impossible to predict technologies a few years from now. OCA offers a flexible, scalable and evolving transit softswitch solution that does not lock you into a particular technology or network equipment supplier.


Least Cost Routing (LCR)

OpenCA Softswitch uses Advanced Number Analysis for the routing of all calls. This minimises costs for service providers by prioritising outgoing routes with the lowest current cost values. Traffic is routed over the least expensive routes, translating into increased profits to you.

Scalability for competitive service providers


Flexible and scalable configuration of the OpenCA platform lets you build a complete solution.

The platform is optimised to meet your technical requirements, business model and budget, with the ability to grow seamlessly to support large and fully featured networks.

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