Extend your softswitch capabilities with Class 5 features




SIP Subscribers


SIP Subscribers


The SIP Subscribers module provides the capability to register SIP End Points or trunks to the softswitch. The module scales to meet carrier requirements, with subscriber numbers ranging from a few hundred to thousands of subscribers (depending on the license selected).

OpenCA uses Advanced Number Analysis for routing all calls (independent of the call control protocol used) based on configured numbering plans and routing information. It supports thousands of call attempts and meets the "five 9s" of reliability.

The module provides SIP Subscribers with Class 5 features, including Call Hold, Call Forwarding service, Call Log. Class 5 functionalities also include Blind Transfer, Attended Transfer, Redirect on Busy, No Answer, Unregistered, and Unconditional. SIP Subscribers can also be added to groups to support Simultaneous Ring.




SIP Registration and Authentication

Embedded Subscribers Database

Enhanced Subscriber Management

Subscriber Aggregation Gateways Support

Caller ID and Calling Name Directory Representation

Direct Dialing - DDI/DDO

Call Hold, Retrieve and Transfer

Call screening, using Black and White Lists

Date, Day and Daytime Related Call Routing


Call Forward

Calls History—Missed, Dialed, Received

Hunt Groups

Core Class 5 Functionality

Advanced Number Analysis and Routing

Scalable from 1K to 72K Subscribers


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