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Redundancy - Fault Tolerance

Redundancy upgrade


Be prepared for anything, with a primary and secondary softswitch for a load balanced and redundant configuration over two nodes. This module deploys a second softswitch in addition to the OCA Softswitch base solution.

OCA Softswitch has undertaken tremendous effort to eliminate the carrier risks associated with providing any kind of voice service (packet or traditional TDM switching) due to component or system failure. The OpenCA core is designed with significant amount of redundancy and high availability, accommodating today’s resilient voice network standards.

OpenCA restarts any processes that fail in the unlikely event of a software error, and maintains call charging information across such a failure. Meanwhile, sophisticated mechanisms deal with overload and congestion.


Highlights - High availability and fault tolerance


Active / Hot Standby Architecture

Stateful synchronization

Single IP – Floating Virtual IP address

Automatic recovery after fault

Eliminates Single Points Of Failure

Active calls survival on failures

Alarms generation and reporting

Five Nines up time (99.999)

Live Maintenance Upgrades


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Plan for redundancy with our experts to ensure interrupted voice services with OCA Redundancy 








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