OCA Scalable Solutions

Flexible and customizable configuration of the OpenCA platform lets you deploy a complete end-to-end VoIP solution to meet your technical requirements, business model and budget.

OCA Softswitch VOIP platform eliminates risks for deployments of any scope and configuration.


Transform your network

Scalability and flexibility for PSTN gateways of all sizes

Seamlessly scales as your traffic requirements increase

New network operators and large carriers require a scalable IP network solution that grows with their business. A solution that lets them start with a portion of traffic and increase it over time. 

Open CA Softswitch scales to the exact requirements of both small competitive service providers and ISPs up to large, incumbent carriers. A flexible licensing mechanism allows time-limited trials and provides basic functionality if full functionality is not required. The optimal solution for the optimal cost.

OCA Softswitch has proven experience in transitioning providers from old technology to new with numerous worldwide deployments. We offer proven, highly scalable local node and transit softswitch choices, that are suitable for Telecom carriers, ISPs and Enterprises.  

Easy upgrade path for functionality and scale

Future-proof your network for tomorrow, by adding new OCA capabilities and features as you need them. 

Additional modules can be easily deployed in real-time with no impact on service, thanks to OCA's active/standby nature and unique modular construction.

The highly reliable and customizable “Core” OpenCA module provides international standard Class 4 capability, processing 60 to 50,000 concurrent calls across TDM and NGN network infrastructure.

Designed for the interconnect of competitive service providers, Open CA delivers the flexibility to increase or decrease the number of concurrent calls, ISUP variants, IP protocols (SIP and H.323) and add or remove "SIP Subscribers" or "Redundancy" capacity.

OCA Softswitch has proven interworking capability with leading MGs, SS7-variants and Class 5 solutions. It communicates with any Signaling Gateway that transports M3UA over IP, using the IETF SIGTRAN protocol.



OCA Softswitch Migration Path

Enhance capabilites with SIP Subscribers and Redundancy

Enhance the capabilities with additional features

Redundancy - High System Availability & Fault Tolerance

The fully redundant OCA Softswitch module provides uninterrupted services to all clients. Any single point of failure is avoided with two nodes.

It empowers carriers to function at full capacity at all times with an automatic recovery mechanism after fault detection. The redundancy solution ensures business continuity and prevents loss of revenue in the unlikely event the main application server fails.

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SIP Subscribers 

The “SIP Subscriber” OCA component delivers the ability to register SIP End Points or trunks to the softswitch and basic class 5 functionality.

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Fast deployment with modular, resilient and redundant OCA architecture

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